22 January 2011

Who wants to shine online?

I do.
So I've done a lot of reading, and thinking, and again more reading, and even more thinking and now I'm starting to put what I've learnt so far into practice.

At BookBuzzr C.Patric Schulze argues that blog is 'the single best marketing tool for an author', so I've joined S.H.I.N.E. Online project, to hone my blogging skills and make my blog a place with interesting and/or useful information. I will be posting twice a week, using the tips by Julie Isaac (@WritingSpirit).

I have also decided to start off another online project - launching myself into busy waters of lifestyle and emotional health advice niche. I know, I know - it's very popular with many experts laready out there, but I think I have something new to offer, even if it's only my short attention span and down-to-earth 'how-not-to-go-bonkers' attitude to life.

After all I'm a bit of an expert on those things ;-)

Do you want to shine online? Have you joined Julia's project? If not, you can do it here or on Twitter by using #SHINEOnline tag.

How do you try to stand out of the crowd? Do you care about it at all?

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