07 January 2011

Author as a brand - inventing your public image

Have you got a brand as an author / writer?

How did you create it?

What is your brand name? Do you use your own name, a pen name, a monicker, your website name? Why?

Who is your target audience?

What do you offer your audience and how is it different from what's already 'on offer'?

How did you come up with the idea for your brand? Gut feeling? Research? Professional advice?

I have been thinking a lot about 'launching myself' as a nonfiction writer this year and decided that if I really want to continue in this direction, I need to start it NOW. So I'm trying to answer the above listed questions for myself.
My nonfiction book 'OCD - The Essential Guide' has been rescheduled for publishing from April to September, but it is happening this year. I have nearly finished my revisions and planning to sent the manuscript off as per original contract, by the end of January.
I have some more ideas for nonfiction books as well. I could also write nonfiction articles.
I really need a platform.
I need an image.

For me the most difficult part will be to decide about the name I'm going to use (I'm quite paranoid about keeping my private and professional life apart from my writing and 'public' image), and the title for my website (as I see it as indicator of the uniquness of what I am going to offer).
The rest is just derivatives from the former.

I have just made some minor changes in About me section as suggested by M Hyatt - I hope it reads better and is more informative. I also decided to start adding pictures to my posts (will try to post some mine but otherwise bought from iStockphoto) and put a hopefully helpful Subscribe to replies button.
I am working on a classy picture (I must book that appointment with my hairdresser next week!) and I'm reading, reading, reading on how to build my brand and create a platform as a nonfiction author.

How have you created your brand as an author? What is your public image?

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