15 January 2011

The End - finishing, ending, closing

I have a problem with finishing things. I am almost, nearly, just about to finish and then - I lose the steam.

I've been trying to finalise the manuscript of my book on OCD for about a week now. And I'm telling you - I've nearly, almost just about to get it in the envelop and scribble the Publisher address on it, and send it off on Monday.

Well, I still need to print that front page (still can't produce it as part of my main MS, because I don't know how not to put headers and page number on the first page), and write authors bio (completely forgotten about it; gosh, I HATE writing bios!), and add my photo.

And copy it all on a CD.

And write at least a short cover letter.

And get it all together in one nice document and send it via email, too.

No, I'm rubbish at finishing. I hate the hassle of formatting. I have horrible handwriting and nearly always need to rewrite the address on the envelope because it's illegible.

I've similar problem with finishing my stories. My NaNoWriMo novel was left unfinished (last 500 words) for a couple of weeks, because I decided I finished the novel the moment I crossed the 50,000 words line. I just couldn't get myself to finish it.

I don't know where this hatred for ending comes from. I guess is my short attention span and low threshold for boredom, but knowing doesn't really help.
Still have to go downstairs and print that bloomin' front page, bio, fiddle with my photo (anyone else never happy with the way they look on the photo?), get the whole document ready for emailing, and...

Even thinking about it makes me feel that I'd rather wash the dishes.

Anyone else has problems with ending?

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