11 February 2011

Liberation by rejection or The end of misery

photo by kongsky
at freedigitalphotos.com
The Day has come on Wednsday.
Not only I received my long awaitied reply from Harlequin (unfortunately, a standard rejection 'the story is not strong enough'), but also had The Chat with The Boss at work.

Both event were quite liberating. The Chat at work obviously, because I've got a green light to do more of what I want to do (and hence start shaping my career). But the rejection has brought not only the welcome end to the torture of waiting for any news.

A rejection slip is a key opening the door to Romance Writers of America PRO section and all its benefits.

I am still going to 'finish the damn book' and send it to the Clendon Award contest. even if I don't/get shortlisted the feedback from the judges (first round judges are avid genre reader! this is unusual). Feedback is invaluable.

And on that misery-ending note I also decided that I will not read any sad books.
No more unhappy endings!
No more sad songs!

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