08 February 2011

Are we there yet?

It's been a while since my last post, I know. I've been waiting to share news with you - good (preferably), or bad, any. Any news would do.

Unfortunately SYTYCW contests, although formally ended on 31.January, wrapped up a couple of days later, hasn't quite finished for all participants. A handful of hopefull writers are still waiting for their reply. I'm one of them.

I've been checking my emails, Harlequin forum and The Blog with an embarassing regularity. Well, I haven't logged out for two weeks. Pathetic, I know.
Maybe I'll get my reply this week.

I've also been waiting to have my voice heard and make changes I want to make in my day job. I'm really ready for that change. I've spoken to many people about it. Some of them shattered my hopes and crushed my self-confidence, but I don't give up easily. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Waiting kills me. I've never been good at deferred gratification, particularly when it comes to sweets and seeing my ideas at work. I want it all and I want it now!
My NoNo novel (the one sent for SYTYCW) is waiting for me to finish rewriting and polishing for The Clendon Award contest. My Critique Partner is waiting for my feedback on the next chapter of her story. My editor is waiting for the proofs of my nonfiction book. Friends are waiting for emails, holidays are waiting for bookings, loundry is waiting to be done.

Any ideas how to get back to normal life?


Are we there yet?

PS. update: I've got my standard rejection this morning ('story is not strong enough'). Oh, well - tough. BAck to the rewrite then.

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