02 November 2010

NaNoWriMo and SYTYCW - day 1

Oh, the joy of waking up on the first day of a week long holiday!
More: the week which will be spent on your two favourite activities: writing and walking (to get those creative juices going).
What a shame that I had to waste so much time finishing a few little jobs that have been waiting for me for days.

But I have written 2226 words of my NaNo novel, so I'm ahead of the 1667 words daily limit and I have enjoyed it. I've even managed to edit the first page (awaiting clarification what word count it actually means) and I'm going to email it to eHarlequin editors for So You Think You Can Write first Editorial Challenge. I may get a free critique!

I like my characters and I'm looking forward to meeting them again tomorrow.
I know...


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