30 October 2010

More on plotting your novel

NaNoWriMo starts in 2 days and the Web is teeming with advice on all aspects of writing a novel in a month, plotting included.

Dani Greer at The Blood-Red Pencil shows how to use a mind map to plot a novel.

In preparation for NaNo Paulo Campos at Yingle Yangle talks about outlining a novel worth reading, why outlining your novel is essential, and how to prepare for the moment when your outline will fail.

More on novel writing strategies at Burrowers, books and balderdash.

At Girlfriends Book Club Novelists Saralee Rosenberg and Ellen Meister discuss the neverending issue of what it takes to write a novel: Inspiration or perspiration?

My writing tends to be plot-driven, but classic romance is usually character-driven (more about it at editorrent), so I'd better read a little about plotting from character (Theresa at editorrent).

Ah, and then I need to think a little about my conflict.


  1. God luck with your novel - some great links here. I'd definitely opt for outlining every time - if I don't, I get horribly lost and never bring any threads together. Bringing threads together is one of the main elements that makes a story satisfying.

  2. thanksywhitecandy :)
    I'm def a planner, so need to outline to quite a detail.
    Agree - all the threads need to be brought together at the end. I think it's also necessary for the story to make sense on several levels (layers).