04 September 2011

Online writing workshops in September

A selection of writing online workshops that may be of interest to romance writers

Colorado Romance Writers:
5- 30 Sept:  Corsets, goggles, airships - Researching and writing steampunk by Beth Daniels
5- 30 Sept: Body talk - Loving, lying, and the real language of the body by Kit Frazier

Yosemite Romance Writers:
5-30 Sept: Whose story is it? The nuts and bolts of POV by Susan Palmquist
5-30 Sept: A cop's life from A to Z by Kathy Bennett

Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA
5 Sept - 3 Oct: It's showtime! Show, don't tell by Flo Fitzpatrick

5 - 30 Sept: Creating your hero fatal flow by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

5 - 30 Sept: Microsoft for writers by Catherine Chant

6 Sept - 3 Oct: The purpose driven scene by Lynn Kerstan

6 -13 Sept: Conflict - How to build it, sustain it, resolve it by Jaye Roycraft

6 Sept - 2 Oct: Conflicts of myth - using classical myths to deepen your contemporary novel by Susan Sipal

6 Sept - 3 Oct: Advance dialogue class by Devon Ellington

12 Sept - 3 Oct: Secrets to writing (and pitching) The Big Hook, High Concept, Same but Different Novel by Virna DePaul

Again, I have problems choosing from such a wide range of interesting workshops, but I think I'm going to take the course on writing high concept novel and/or the purpose driven scene (as I have problems writing scenes).

Are you interested in any of these classes? Any recommendations?

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