02 August 2011

Online courses and workshops for romance writers (August 2011)

I've been keeping an eye on online writing courses for a while now and it seems this has become a very popular way of learning craft and boosting inspiration for writers. I didn't realise there is such an aboundance of workshops out there! I suscribe to only a couple of mailing lists, and it's still hard to keep up, let alone choose.
Onlike courses are cheep, convenient and can be informative if you do it properly.

Here is a list of a few August workshops I think may be of interest to fellow romance writers.

1 - 31 August The Book Factory: Producing Multiple Novels in One Year with Kerri Nelson
to enrol go to Red River Romance Writers
I'm doing this one!

Three of many interesting workshops organised by Low Country RWA
5 - 26 August Writing Regency Set Novels with Shannon Donnelly
5 - 26 August What Does Nora Roberts Know That You Don’t? with Carol Hughes
5 - 26 August Body Talk: Lying, Loving and the Real Language of the Body with Kit Fraizer
To enrol go to Low Country RWA website
1 - 28 August Ebook and digital publishing - is it for me? with Suzanne Rock

15 - 28 August Creating better heroes with Sasha Illyvich

15 - 29 August From Slow Burn to Fast Sizzle: Making Sexual Tension Work For You with Kira Sinclair and Lynn Raye Harris

Two of the many interesting workshops at Savvy Authors
1 - 6 August Patchworking the perfect plot (even when you're a pantser) with Suzanne Johnson
1 - 28 August - Dirty little secrets of character development with Keena Kincaid

My main sources of info about online workshops are Savvy Authors website and RWA Newsletters.
What are yours? Where do you find information about interesting workshops? Share your tips below.

photo credit: Photostock at www.freedigitalphotos.net.

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