25 June 2011

Romance Writing Competitions calendar

For those of my readers who haven't noticed I've added a new, hopefully helpful feature to my blog - a calendar with competitions related to romance and women's fiction genres. You can find it on the side bar.

It's just a Google calendar with the name of the contest, deadline (sometimes also date when the comp opens), and very basic info re who can enter (published/unpublished writers) and what is judged (e.g. first chapter, first 50 pages+ synopsis etc).

Every entry contains a link ('Where' line) to the contest website, where you can find all the details, including fees, whether the contest is open only to members or wider public, who the judges are etc. Unfortunately since the box is intended for physical address the link is not 'clickable' and needs to be copy&pasted into your browser.
Although I do check the links before adding an event to my Calendar I am cannot guarantee all information is accurate. Please, check the competition websites for details and update information.

Remember, always read the contest rules, regulations, eligibility, entry formatting requirements etc before entering.

If you know of any Romance/Women's Fiction writing competitions do let me know by either posting a link or emailing me. I look froward to hearing from you.

Good luck!

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