16 March 2011

On being stylish

I'm pleased to announce that I've managed to bring my (that is your) valuable comments back to their home. I promise I will not mess with the template any more in any major way (but probably still will in minor way).
Now, since my blog is back in order I wanted to say once more a big than you to Patsy and Carol for awarding me with the Stylish Blogger award.

Now is the time to reveal 7 things about myself. It's going to be a tough one, because:

1. I have been brainwashed trained not to reveal things about myself.

2. I am anything but stylish. Just look at my blog template! I have no sense of style whatsoever and it was my hubby who put up pictures, knickknacks and other stuff like that in our house (after nearly 3 years of moving in).

3. I hate shopping.

4. I hate shoe shopping even more that I hate shopping, so once I find shoes that suit me I buy in bulk and wear one pair at a time, all year round, irrespective of the weather, until they fall off my feet. Then I get another, identical pair out of my wardrobe and throw the old one away.
I've been wearing these ones for the last few years (I'm on my 4th pair).

5. I learnt to read when I was 3,5 y.o. from an old calendar.

6. I always join the local library usually within the first weeks of moving to a new place.

7. I have an unusual gift for getting lost. I've got lost despite having a sat-nav, a map and a list of directions several times.

Here is 7 bloggers I love reading and admire for a variety of reasons (including being stylish):

Suzie Quint for interesting posts and particularly her The Careers for Characters project
Patsy Collins for her generousness in sharing links to writing contests and her stylish photos
Sandra Patterson for her sense of humour (still remember her NaNowisdom tweets during last year's Nano)
Sarah Duncan for reading my mind and writing interesting articles which answer questions bothering me at the time
Sally Quilford for her column in Writer's Forum and ability to bring writers together
Wendy Marcus for her fantastic ability to engage with her readers
Carrie Spencer for being an incredibly hardworking smart ass and her sense of humour, too.

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  1. I got lost in a car park once - it was a big car park.