29 August 2010

Unhappily ever after?

Why I haven't been able to write romance

Romance Writers of NZ conference was indeed An Affair To Remember. I came back with a bag of goodies, a notebook full of tips, lots of inspiration and - last but not least - a couple of reflections.

Still the most popular genre, generating billions in sales - Romance certainly is not dead. No wonder that Mills&Boon are seeking new voices.

So far so good, let's jump on the bandwagon!
I've tried.
I've tried writing womags' short stories, time travel romance, mistery romance, medical romance, women's fiction and... whatever characters and plot I've come up with it always ends up bad.
Unhappily ever after.

What's the problem then?
Well, it seems that it's my daytime job. If you, like me, see people when they are unhappy, with their relationships going badly, whatever your marital status, you may find it hard to believe in happy endings.

Karina, thank you very much for helping me understand it.
Now, where is that bag full of books with happy endings?

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